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CloudNOW is a non-profit consortium of the leading women in cloud computing and converging technologies, providing a forum for networking, knowledge sharing, mentoring, and career development, including merit-based STEM scholarship funding.
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Our Story


Jocelyn DeGance Graham Honored 

Jocelyn DeGance Graham, named by CRN as one of the 100 most influential women in IT and by GetVOIP as one of the 25 most influential women in Cloud, looks around her industry, notes a distinct under-representation by women, especially at executive levels, and decides to found a new organization dedicated to women helping other women achieve professional success.

Named as One of the Most Influential Women in Cloud.

Launch Party

In August, CloudNOW holds its official launch party in Palo Alto, attended by 30 members of the new organization.

IBM Joins

IBM provides a three-year grant, spearheaded by its CTO Lauren States, which gives the organization the resource it needs to propel itself forward.

Lauren States- Speaking


Formally Announced at Cloud Expo

CloudNOW formally announces itself to key tech industry conferences, offering its members as speakers, panelists and other content providers. And produces the first panel on cloud security with an all-female panel at Cloud Expo.

CloudNOW inaugurates its “Top 10 Women in Cloud Innovation” awards. Padmasree Warrior, then CTO of Cisco (and currently on the board of directors of Microsoft, Gap, Cornell and Box), was among the winners, providing great credibility and helping to propel the awards into the high status they enjoy today.

New Press

CloudNOW in the Press

Articles written by CloudNOW members on issues facing the tech industry, and especially women’s roles and potential – begin appearing in respected venues like Forbes, VentureBeat and Cloud Computing Journal.


Membership Growth 

CloudNOW membership grows by more than 150% in its third year.



Awards at CloudConnect

It’s top 10 Women in Tech Innovation” award draws participants in senior level roles from several dozen of the Bay Area’s top technology companies. It celebrates its first public event, held during the CloudConnect Conference, with 40 people in attendance.

Susan Wu Joins CloudNOW

Susan Wu (formerly Sun, Oracle, Docker, Citrix, Alchemist Accelerator mentor), a recognized cloud technical authority, joins Jocelyn as a Co-Founder of CloudNOW and helps to catalyze the momentum of the organization.

Susan Wu


Audience Doubles! 

CloudNOW’s “Top 10 Women in Cloud Innovation” doubles in attendance, and is held at a popular San Francisco business hotel.

New Award Format 

The event moves to a pitch competition as well as an awards format.  Now women are asked to present the project that secured them the spot on the top 10 list. Rathi Murthy, Senior Vice President at American Express, wins both the people’s and judges choice for her breakthrough project, “It’s expensive to be poor.”

AMERICAN EXPRESS - (09/16/2014) - ST. PETERSBURG, FL - USA 1st Person Series feature on RM and her team in St. Petersburg Florida. Matt Rainey for American Express


CloudNOW STEM Scholarship 

CloudNOW announces STEM scholarship fund: CloudNOW partners with Holburton, a two-year alternative to a four year degree that with a hands-on, project based approach.  The first recipient of the STEM scholarship will be awarded in 2016.

Shaping the Cloud 

Corporate sponsorship grows with repeat and new supporters such as Cisco, Dell, HP, Intel, Pivotal, Jabil, and Calgary Scientific.

Attendance Doubles Again, Tana Jackson Honored 

Attendance at the awards event and pitch competition doubles again, now enjoying 160 attendees at an event held in Palo Alto. CloudNOW honors Tana Jackson, Vice President Engineering, SOASTA, for her project, “Mastermind behind the heartbeat of the digital enterprise.”


Top 10 Cloud Evangelists 

CloudNOW expands its hallmark “Top 10 Women in Cloud” to a new, broader arena, “10 Top Cloud Evangelists.” The objective is to expand recognition to women in fields that support cloud.  

Joanne Moretti- Speaking

CloudNOW Case Studies 

The organization conducts its first primary research study on state of women in cloud technology. Key findings will be announced later in the year.

Google Hosts CloudNOW

Google agrees to co-host “Top 10 Women in Cloud” at its Silicon Valley campus location with an anticipated 250 attendees. The event will also serve as the organization’s 5th anniversary party.


CloudNOW Community 

The CloudNOW community is now more than 1500 strong and growing at a faster pace than ever before.